Wednesday, February 27, 2008

naughty bitz

The Hawai'ian story is rolling along. I've requested two additional pages, bringing it to a full twelve page signature. One major issue I've been up against is the age/morality wall. The editor is shopping this to Scholastic and Random House, among others, and I've toned down much of the nightmare material in step with that knowledge. I have many items that still may not pass the censors eyes, such as bare-butts on the 'Uhane demons, loincloths one all of the men and bare-breasts on the women-folk. Now, you have to understand my thinking... there will be giggling in the back row while this is being read, but in order to be true to the culture, I'm pushing to leave these items in. Mr. Cummings, the author of the story has heard my request and understands my arguments. I don't want to be an ugly-American and add a Western morality element to a Pre-Western-Contact cultural story. I don't want to stick to my guns at the risk of killing the deal, but we can alway throw a lei in the right place, and all is forgiven.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Training Wheels and Humble Pie

Humble Pie first... NO Grammy. Oh well. It was an unexpected laurel to begin with. I wasn't aware that the Smithsonian Chamber Players had been in contention until I got an email from Dorian Recordings that they were nominated. Well, I can still plug it into my résumé.

The comic is going along well. I got wind from the editor that he's shopping it to Scholastic, so I'm toning down my "Nightmare Material". The demons were reworked to be more along the lines of Sendak's Wild Things. I also am making sure that I don't show any "naughty bits" of the native Hawaiians.

Training Wheels... I got burned out on my digital work, and decided to hit the brushes... hard. I had a panel ready for the last week, and finally got a good idea on Friday. It's going to be a limited pallet, but I think the theme will carry the piece rather than my color choices. It's a large painting at 24 inches high by 42 inches wide. The photolink is of my "day 1" progress. The photo has a bit of glare and uneven lighting, but you'll get the idea.

View it here: Training Wheels

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Best in Show - the Blue Elephant 10th

Whoo Hoo.... Friend David Heatwole and I split the top prize for BOS at the Blue Elephant last night. We will be doing a tandem show in the fall, which is our prize. David also won the Peoples Choice award, which was a FedEx box stuffed with money the gallery goers had donated as they cast their ballots. There where 175 pieces entered in the show, and David and I each had 3. My group was Bishop of Bones, Giselle and Mother and Child displayed as a triptych. David’s method involves executing his monumental paintings while wearing 3-D glasses... There is a pair of glasses stationed in front of each of his pieces, which is a mind-blowing experience. Music provided by a funk band from DC, huge crowd full of very creative folks. Feb 2, 5th Street in Frederick MD is one to remember.
... and I was complaining about the distance when I was driving up to drop my work. Taking these leaps of faith is the way to go. I wouldn't have a career if I didn't act on these "What-the-Heck" moments.